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Macaron Round 2, Chocolate Bread pudding, and more

While I usually like to plan what I want to bake days in advance, sometimes little things just pop up in the middle of the day that remind me of a certain dessert.  Last week at the grocery, I noticed some croissants on sale as “manager’s special” because they were a bit old and thought, “Perfect!  Stale croissants for bread pudding!”  Normally I’d prefer to make my own brioche or challah than either let them go stale over a couple days, but croissants are nearly as rich as brioche so I figured I could make do with these cheaper alternatives.  Plus, since bread pudding uses more egg yolks than whites, I could use the spare egg whites for more macarons!

Chocolate bread pudding

Chocolate bread pudding

Pistachio macaron with ginger chocolate ganache

Pistachio macaron with ginger chocolate ganache

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breakfast biscuits and yet another birthday cake

One of my best friends flew down from New York this weekend, and since his birthday was last weekend, I figured a nice cake would a proper way to celebrate his event. We decided to hold a joint birthday dinner for him and another friend at the same time at Maggiano’s near the Galleria. We had a ton of people coming, so I wasn’t sure if my cake would be big enough, but it somehow worked out. I wasn’t sure at first which cake to prepare, and was originally going to try a chestnut butter cake, but couldn’t find any chestnut flour around me (Whole Foods didn’t even carry it). Someone told me I should be able to find some at the groceries in Chinatown, so I’ll try that next time.

Instead, I decided to stick with the birthday cake I made for Becky a couple months ago (link found here).  I made a few changes, replacing the lemon zest and juice with meyer lemons.  I used a higher quality gourmet raspberry spread instead of strawberries, which was much easier to apply and didn’t overpower the cake.  For some reason, the cake was much easier to assemble this time around, perhaps since I’ve finally had some practice with layered cakes?  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera to the dinner, so I don’t have any pictures of a slice of cake… if anyone else was able to take a picture of that, can you let me know?

Justin and Scottys Birthday cake

Justin and Scotty's Birthday cake

I also woke up early the next morning to prepare some biscuits for church.  I had some leftover buttermilk and heavy cream from previous recipes, and I wanted to use them before they expired 😉  I decided to make a batch of buttermilk biscuits and a batch of sweet cream biscuits.

breakfast biscuits

breakfast biscuits

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Want bread that tastes like cake? Try brioche.

What exactly is brioche?  According to Sherry Yard, it is a “slightly sweetened yeasted dough, enriched with butter and eggs.”  The rich dough gives it a texture similar to something you’d expect in a cake, not a bread.   Since it is so rich with butter and eggs, it’s a mix between a bread and a pastry.

Because of its versaitility and taste, I’ve made brioche three times already.  Although time consuming, most of the time is spent just waiting on the dough (during which you can do other things).  The technique to make brioche is simple and similar to other types of bread.  If you can make successful brioche, you can make a lot of other basic breads as well with just a few tweaks!

I’ve been meaning to try out the other things I can make with brioche, such as sticky buns, coffeecake, bee schnitten, beignets and bread pudding… unfortunately, every time I make it, people eat it too quickly!  It tastes great by itself, but even better when paired with something sweet (like preserves) or savory (like some fresh cheese).  Mmmmm… I’ll get to that bread pudding one of these days 🙂

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